How to choose the steam generator with the iron

How to choose the steam generator with the iron

The electric iron has succeeded the pig-iron fellow with heated coals long ago. Modern hostesses quite often use the whole ironing systems. For example, irons with the steam generator.


1. The main thing in the iron – its sole. It defines quality of processing of clothes. The working surface of any iron has to be strong, resistant to wear. The good iron maintains considerable temperature drops. And, of course, the sole should not scratch clothes parts at all.

2. Performance of all listed conditions is provided with material of which the iron sole is made. The most widespread materials are aluminum or stainless steel here. Steel is good the fact that it provides durability. Aluminum allows the iron to heat up and cool down quickly. It is more preferable to choose the iron which basis of sole is made of aluminum alloys, and the pad is made of teflon, ceramics or "stainless steel".

3. The convenience of handling of the iron, first of all, is defined by properties of the handle. Selecting the iron, try on it to the hand. It should not be filled up back or forward. Irons with the steam generator are often equipped convenient in grasp and wide pith handle.

4. The iron with the steam generator differs from the usual ironing iron in availability of peculiar support. Unlike other ways of steam formation, such steam generator gives dry steam of excellent quality with the minimum quantity of drops. Such system gives the chance to iron out fabric with higher quality and without big moistening. The second advantage of this steam is that it does use of the iron safe, despite the big power and high pressure.

5. You can easily check quality of the iron equipped with the steam generator, having tested steam on fabric piece within several seconds. If on fabric damp spots are formed, steam leaves much to be desired.

6. Buying such iron, find out whether tap water suits for its filling. Some models assume use of special filters and means for prevention of scum. As a rule, professional ironing systems with the steam generator are adapted for use of normal water from under the crane.

7. The iron with the steam generator gives the chance to apply the mode of vertical otparivaniye that expands possibilities of processing of some types of fabrics.

8. It is important correct to pick up the weight and form of the iron with the steam generator. It is possible to make it, having picked up the iron. The easy iron allows to cope with it without efforts, but weightier is capable to cope with things if it is necessary to iron them with effort.

9. Pay attention to the producer of the iron. Certainly, the devices made by the leading firms will allow you to receive more quality goods at the best price.

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