3 products causing ""cholesteric explosion"

3 products causing ""cholesteric explosion"

It is important to people to know about the products rich with saturated fats and transfats as they can increase cholesterol level in blood. At high cholesterol at the person the risk of development of certain medical states, such as atherosclerosis, stroke and heart attack increases.


1. KofeDokazano, that the use welded, but not instant coffee leads to increase in cholesterol as when boiling there is an extraction of fats from coffee beans. Coffee contains connections - in particular the substance called кафестол - which can increase cholesterol level in an organism. Partially protect special paper filters which are in coffee machines from it, they put a barrier to such components. But you can not always have the coffee made in the special car? And in other cases the constant intake of not filtered coffee can increase the level of "bad" cholesterol. And especially cholesterol can raise also at those who prefer to have not clean coffee (espresso or лунго), and, for example, a cappuccino or latte which become on the basis of bonnyclabber.

2. Creamy masl a desi there are a lot of saturated fatty acids (about 63%) and about 4% of so-called transfatty acids (partially hydrogenated vegetable fats). Transfatty acids are recognized as unhealthy. One tablespoon of unsalted butter contains 31 milligrams (mg) of cholesterol and 7.2 grams (g) of saturated fat. As a desi contains a lot of saturated fat, people with the high level of cholesterol should control amount of the consumed oil. Physicians advise: to people with the high level of cholesterol to monitor consumption of a desi. Experts suggest to replace a desi with more useful alternatives, for example oil of avocado or olives.

3. Whether egg желткиЕсть cholesterol in eggs? Of course, it is and is mainly in a vitellus. At the same time the average content of this substance there – 370 mg on 1 yolk with protein. If the person begins to eat every day their large number throughout a long time, then it can lead to changes in a biochemical analysis of blood. Whether raise eggs cholesterol level in blood? As well as any product, eggs increase the level of fats in blood and influence exchange of cholesterol in a liver. If the level of cholesterol is considerably increased, then it is possible to refuse only yolks, continuing to eat egg whites. If indicators of fat metabolism are changed not strongly, it is necessary to use no more than 3-4 eggs a week. And here egg whites can be used without special restriction.

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