How to choose wall-paper for the hall and to create modern design

How to choose wall-paper for the hall and to create modern design

In any house or the apartment the living room is one of the main rooms. Creating interior of this room, it is necessary to consider the interests of all family members. As for holidays friends and relatives, to development of design, how to choose wall-paper for the hall gather in the hall, it is necessary to take seriously.


1. Today in shops the broadest choice of wall-paper is provided. They differ in color, the drawing, texture. On sale there are materials from the different countries, price range very wide.

2. At first you need to choose type of wall-paper. There is the general classification according to which all materials can be separated into several types. It: cullets, vinyl, paper, textile products, wall-paper under painting, on flizelinovy basis.

3. It is necessary to understand that each look has own shortcomings and advantages. If you know these parameters, then will manage to choose correctly wall-paper for the hall.

4. Besides, before purchase it is worth deciding on the invoice and color gamma of wall-paper. Think whether there will be they with the drawing or monophonic. Also it should be taken into account the room sizes, how well it is lit by sunshine.

5. Follow number of simple rules. First, if you wish to emphasize luxury of finishing of the room, choose wall-paper with impregnations of gold threads. Secondly, it is important to consider the general style of rooms. It is better to issue the apartment in uniform style, you should not do one room in style hi-tech, and another – in classical.

6. Thirdly, it is worth choosing wall-paper, being guided by the room size. Fourthly, for finishing of living rooms which windows come to East and North side it is the best of all to buy wall-paper of warm color.

7. The hall can be decorated differently. In spite of the fact that most of owners of the real estate chooses classical option of finishing, it is possible to experiment.

8. If you wish that the living room was remembered by fashionable interior, consider recent trends. Designers speak resolute "Yes!" to combination of wall-paper. At the peak of popularity there is wall-paper with vegetable ornament today, it is possible to choose material with the geometrical drawing.

9. Give preference to quiet flowers and soft invoices. If you wish – buy photowall-paper. There is important point – the modern design assumes integration of photowall-paper into registration of the hall. But you should not close them all wall.

10. Remember that dressing of walls in the living room – important task. Visual perception of the room depends on that, how successfully you will be able to choose wall-paper for the hall and also from quality of performance of work. Walls have to be pasted over faultlessly.

11. If you wish to combine wall-paper, then choose finishing type. Combination can be scrappy, horizontal, vertical. Also when finishing walls do wallpaper inserts. The competent combination of colors and textures will help you to create unique, fashionable interior.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team