How to choose wall-paper on kitchen

How to choose wall-paper on kitchen

Wall-paper is integral part of design of any room. That you had not to do shortly again in kitchen repair, the choice of wall-paper needs to pay special attention. They have to not only have attractive coloring, but also have the corresponding parameters of quality.

1. As in kitchen it is necessary to do damp cleaning of all room from time to time, wallpaper has to be coated. Incorrectly picked up material very often forces owners to buy new wall-paper and to do repair, in the course of cooking of drop of juice, oil and fat can get on walls. Moisture resistant coverings can be wiped with damp sponge or rag, and the cleaning wall-paper maintains damp cleaning with use of special cleaning agents.

2. Kitchen wall-paper has to be dense, durability and durability of finishing of walls will depend on it directly. Besides, the covering is more dense, the it is less in it than time in which dirt can accumulate.

3. One more important parameter is the vapor permeability due to which walls dry out. First of all it affects indoor climate.

4. Wall-paper for kitchen has to be light-resistant, i.e. resistant to influence of sunshine and burning out, otherwise the covering will turn yellow and will lose the attractive exterior. Then to rearrange furniture, you should do repair of walls.

5. When choosing wall-paper for painting give preference to types which are suitable for repeated coloring.

6. Before purchase always pay attention to marking of product: the "wave with brush" badge speaks about resistance of material to mechanical damages, and "wave" indicates moisture resistance.

7. Do not buy paper wall covering for pasting at all. You should not be conducted on the low price and attractive design. Perhaps, in the beginning you will also save, but soon you should prepare for repair again and to be spent for new wall-paper. Besides, you should not get popular wall-paper from linen, cotton and silk and natural wall-paper from interline interval of rare breeds of trees, bamboo and stalks and leaves of exotic herbs. They look very effectively, but at all will not be suitable for kitchen as strongly absorb smells, smoke and ashes.

8. When choosing coloring of wall-paper be guided by design of the room. At the same time consider that the large drawing will visually reduce the room size, and small, on the contrary, will make it is more spacious, than is actually. If you want something unusual, look narrowly at textural wall-paper. They will complement surface of walls with new qualities and will create new measurement in the room.

9. Color of wall-paper has to be pleasing to the eye, you should not choose too pale wall-paper or, on the contrary, very dark. Classical option are pleasant beige, cream and peach shades. If desired it is possible to choose combination from two or three flowers.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team