How to clean boiler from soot

How to clean boiler from soot

After long campaign your boiler has become covered with soot? Do not despair. There is mass of ways to return to kettle its former look. But you remember that the choice of cleanser depends on surface (the enameled covering, cast iron, etc.) and extents of pollution.

It is required to you

  • - sponge;
  • - soda;
  • - metal brush;
  • - ""Shumanit"" / "Aromix 60" / Antinagar, etc.


1. Soot is combustion product of organic compounds. Abrasives (friable, fine-grained substances) will help to purify it from the surface of the pig-iron boiler to you. If on external walls small layer of soot, then use soda. Take sponge from rigid fiber. Moisten it with water. Apply soda on the polluted surface. And circular motions wipe soot, do not clean off boiler completely yet.

2. But if the layer of soot makes 1-2 mm, this way does not approach any more. To clean such pollution influence of high temperature is necessary. Fill boiler with water. Bring it to boiling. Accurately drain all water. Take rigid brush with metal pile and longitudinal movements purify soot. In such a way you will be able to remove the main black coating. And clean the remained pollution by means of soda or the cleaning agents containing abrasives.

3. For cleaning of layer of soot which thickness is 3 mm and more use "Shumanit". After cleaning by metal brush, put on rubber gloves and evenly apply this means on boiler walls. Getting through the furrows which have turned out as a result of mechanical influence, Shumanita active agents get deep into pollution and quickly dissolve soot. But as strong chemical solvents are part of this means, observe security measures. And before cooking in boiler in addition process it cleaning agent for ware.

4. For cleaning of the enameled boilers use only chemical means which part the substances dissolving soot are. The fact is that abrasives and metal brushes can damage enamel, the boiler will begin to rust. Therefore mechanical influence in this case has to be minimum.

5. That carefully and quickly to clean the enameled boiler from soot use one of the following means: "Aromix 60", Antinagar, "PD Station wagon", Sitroglim. When using these means observe the instruction. If it was not succeeded to remove all pollution at once, then repeat the procedure necessary number of times.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team