How to clean oriental carpet

How to clean oriental carpet

Practically all apartments decorate various oriental carpets now. With them it is beautiful, the room looks cozier, to go on them more warmly, and children with pleasure sit on them during the games. But in order that the oriental carpet was always clean, did not pollute air dust and just was pleasing to the eye bright paints, it is necessary to look after him correctly.

It is required to you

  • - vacuum cleaner
  • - cleaning agent
  • - bucket or basin
  • - brush with dense bristle
  • - means for removal of spots or vinegar


1. Before beginning to clean oriental carpet, remove from it all excess furniture and get the vacuum cleaner. Yes, begin with the simple vacuum cleaner, do not neglect it in spite of the fact that damp cleaning is all the same planned. On oriental carpet, unfortunately, dust, some crumbs constantly accumulates and if at your place there are pets, then and wool. Even invisible to eye, during spreading by brush of the washing foam, they "will be rubbed" even more deeply in oriental carpet fibers, and at the subsequent cleaning it will be more difficult to get rid of them.

2. Examine oriental carpet regarding separate spots. If there are spots demanding the most attentive relation, clean them before you apply cleaning agent on all oriental carpet. Well means from spots like Antipyatina will approach in this case normal. If there is no such means, at least just drip several drops of vinegar on the most serious spots.

3. Now the turn of the cleaning has come. Part cleaning agent for carpets on the enclosed instruction in basin or bucket and shake up in foam. Gather more foam on brush and you clean carpet. All carpet as when mopping, it has to be covered with foam. At the same time it is necessary to brush, but it is not too diligent, otherwise you can damage pile of your oriental carpet. Right now tell yourself thanks that previously have vacuumed oriental carpet, otherwise to brush hair of animals and small dirt constantly would stick. Having passed thus on all oriental carpet, leave it to dry.

4. On oriental carpet there have to be foam traces seen to eye which are gradually drying up. It is informidable. After a while, when the oriental carpet completely will dry, again get the vacuum cleaner. Carefully clean oriental carpet, removing thus residues of foam. To you it is not necessary to worry that on surface of oriental carpet there were traces of cleaning agent — they are created especially for such way of cleaning and cannot damage. And here if you have used house soap structure from Fairey or laundry detergent — it is necessary to walk on oriental carpet with damp brush or rag again. However, nothing terrible, very much can be that grandmother's means are quite capable to compete with modern.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team