How to clean pillow

How to clean pillow

The sweet dream on pillow should not be saddened by the subsequent allergic reactions to dirt and dust pincers which live in down and pen filler. It is the best of all to carry out washing of such pillows to the summer period that there was opportunity properly to dry down and feathers. If you use pillows with synthetic fillers, then they also need periodic cleaning.

It is required to you

  • Cleaning of down feather pillows
  • - gauze
  • - threads, needles
  • - laundry soap (200 g)
  • - ammonia solution (1 h spoon)
  • - water (5 liters)
  • - washing machine with drying function
  • Pillows with synthetic fillers
  • - washing machine
  • - powder
  • - tennis balls
  • Pillows with filler from buckwheat.
  • - dense plastic package
  • - soap solution
  • - big tray


1. Cleaning of down feather pillows. Put gauze in two layers and sew from it three sacks. Podporite pillow corner, sew gauze sack to this place. Shaking pillow, pour part of feather into sack. Make such operation until all feather is distributed on bags.

2. Kindle soap in small amount of water on fire. In basin pour water, soap solution and ammonia solution. Lower in basin sacks for 1 hour. Hands easily wash down and feathers in bags. Do not overwind and strongly you do not think. Then rinse sacks in several waters. The last water has to be cold.

3. Hang up bags to dry in the shaded place. Periodically you stir contents that it did not get off lump. Down and feathers have to dry out completely. Separately wash bedtick. Rub it with paraffin candle from within, iron the iron that down did not get out. Fill bedtick the dried-out filler

4. Wash down feather pillow in the washing machine possessing drying function. On pillow fix dense pillowcase that the bedtick suddenly has not torn, put pillow in the machine. Erase on 30 degrees. Then dry in the machine. Finally dry pillow in the warm aired place, periodically overturn it that has evenly dried out and it was fluffed up.

5. Pillows with synthetic fillers. Put pillow in the washing machine. Push couple of tennis balls in the washing machine drum. Erase on the mode for synthetics. Tennis balls will not allow contents of pillow to skomkivatsya.

6. Pillows with filler from buckwheat. Unstitch pillow and pour pod into dense package. Fill in in it soapsuds and rinse filler. Scatter the washed-out buckwheat pod on tray and dry at the battery or in the sun.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team