How to clean sheep skin

How to clean sheep skin

Many use natural sheepskin instead of carpet, it is nice on the touch, well maintains loading and is not twisted. The sheep skin is natural product which quite well reflects dirt, but sooner or later it all the same should be cleaned. At the correct and timely leaving, sheepskin will serve to you not one decade. And here is how it is correct to clean it, knows not everyone.


1. The sheep skin has quite dense wool which part begins to drop out over time. Therefore it is not recommended to use it instead of cover. Such skin will remarkably find application in the bedroom near bed or at chair. Sheepskin it is possible to indulge bare feet, having put them on soft pile. Sometimes the skin is only enough to be stirred up, thereby having cleaned from garbage and dust. Do not forget also about the vacuum cleaner which will also help you with cleaning.

2. Before washing of such things there is always danger that you can spoil it. The most important rule when washing sheep skin – at all do not use hot water, it can damage it. Use special or any other liquid detergent (it can be shampoo or liquid for washing of ware), previously having dissolved in water which temperature should not exceed degrees. Do not use the laundry detergent or soap containing chlorine. Wet skin for 15-20 minutes, periodically overturn on other party. Drain dirty water and rinse sheepskin under slightly warm water to wash away all cleaning agents. It is recommended to dry at the room temperature, far from heating devices.

3. The sheep skin can be cleaned from pollution in the washing machine. For this purpose put the "hand wash" mode, put skin in special bag for washing and put in drum. Water temperature has to be 30 degrees, use liquid detergent which can be filled in in drum. After washing dry up sheepskin naturally, avoiding hit of direct sunshine. Comb wool wire brush or special brush for animals which can be bought in pet-shop. After washing the volume of sheep skin can decrease by 5-7%, the reverse side of skin will become more rigid. In order that to soften it, warm up skin hands.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team