How to clean the conditioner

How to clean the conditioner

Need of cleaning of the conditioner arises in several cases. From the conditioner the smell can go, and from its internal block – to dig water. Also the equipment can begin to crack, rustle. And filters blacken over time if regularly not to clean them. These and other problems with the conditioner, as a rule, appear because the equipment can not be cleaned for years.


1. So, for a start undertake two hands grid and pull it on yourself. Then raise conditioner cover up and pull out the filter, raising it for the lower part. Further you need to wash out carefully the filter under stream of warm water. Application of cleansers is allowed.

2. If your conditioner has begun to give unpleasant smell, go to pharmacy to buy there the disinfecting solution, having left filters to dry. The specified means have to be made on spirit basis. Though it not indispensable condition. Optimum volume – 0.5 l.

3. Open unit cover, pull out dust grids, include spraying of antiseptic solution so that splashes of solution dragged on in cooler radiator. It will occupy only two-three of minutes. Within 10 minutes the unpleasant smell has to disappear almost completely.

4. When the filter dries, insert it on the place. Without filter it is extremely undesirable to operate the conditioner because it protects both your lungs, and the heat exchanger of the internal block. If the heat exchanger is dusty, the overall performance of the unit considerably will fall.

5. Also do not forget about condition of the external block. The heat exchanger of this block hammered with dirt, dust and down becomes the reason of falling of overall performance of the conditioner and increase of load of it. The unit is heated and finally fails if to continue to ignore its state.

6. If water from the internal block of your conditioner has begun to drip, so most likely, the drainage pipeline was hammered. Try (if it is possible) to reach drainage of the unit and to blow properly in drainage tube from which water dripped. The stopper or still something another has to leave dirt on the street. All the same call the specialist in cleaning of the conditioner even if the stopper has left. You will already hardly be able qualitatively to make such work.

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