How to clean ware

How to clean ware

If you have for some reason forgotten to remove from plate pan or deep frying pan with rice or buckwheat in time, at the bottom by all means there will be burned bottom which to clean very difficult even if to leave pan (frying pan) at several o'clock in water with means for washing of ware. Our advice will help you to clean your ware from soot and ashes, without having damaged it.


1. Food salt meets, probably, in each kitchen. And with its help it is possible to delete ashes and soot from kitchen accessories. Take pan or frying pan, on layer of the burned food fill half-glass of salt. Distribute it evenly on all bottom. After several hours the pan can already be washed.

2. If you have missed milk, and it at you has burned to pan, take several tablets of activated carbon and reduce them to powder. Fill up coal on bottom of pan and fill in with water. In 10-15 minutes wash out pan.

3. Citric acid helps to get rid of deposit well. Mix powder of citric acid with water, pour in frying pan or pan. Further water needs to be brought to boiling then to clean off bottom when water cools down.

4. It were the general councils. In line several councils for cleaning of ware from various materials. Ware with covering from teflon is cleaned from deposit quite easily. It can just be filled in with water for 30 minutes, and then to rinse.

5. To surface of aluminum pans food and milk practically do not burn. If nevertheless something has burned, act so: just get normal soda and strew with it rag or sponge. Further wipe the burned food rag with soda under small water jet. Do not use cleaning pastes and powders better, they can damage surface. It is not necessary to clean with also abrasive powders ware from stainless steel. Here better the crushed table salt will approach.

6. Pig-iron frying pans need to be cleaned they still warm so far. Clean such frying pans salt water. If in time not to clean pig-iron frying pan, further it will be extremely difficult to get rid of deposit.

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