How to close the pool

How to close the pool

Each owner of the pool of open type faces number of problems sooner or later. It is the garbage flying in reservoir and the dust, grass and leaves getting to it insects and small wild (and even house) animals. It and quickly cooling down water and, as a result, continuously working heater demanding big energy consumption. Producers of the equipment and artificial reservoirs accessories release many shelters today: to owners of pools is what to choose from, being conformed with the desires and finance.


1. Pavilions the Magnificent decision for the outdoor pool. The domestic market offers the huge choice of pavilions – from low, designed to serve reservoir as reliable roof, to high under which tall people can go quietly to the utmost even. There are stationary pavilions, and in this case the street pool gains all advantages of the indoor pool. There are mobile pavilions which walls can be shifted and moved apart depending on weather. Material of pavilions (normally it is polycarbonate) heats up and keeps solar heat, at the same time air temperature increases by 10-12 °C. In the afternoon water heats up quickly, and cools down slowly at night. As a result the heater turns on less often that conducts to essential power saving.

2. ZhalyuziEto as the floating cover representing, however, very rigid covering. If the pool is covered by blinds, the garbage, animal and small children will not get to it. Blinds by means of the roller device very simple in application are unwound and taken up. There are automatic and semi-automatic blinds.

3. Bubble pokrytiyeeto floating film from strong and light polyester (it is often called "solar film"). It is very popular among owners of pools. Provides considerable reduction vlago- and heat emission, power saving, significant reduction of entering of chemical reagents into pool water. Producers release bubble covering of blue and silvery colors – it is very effective during the shelter of bowl of reservoir.

4. Others pokrytiyana the market of the equipment for pools are widely provided the coverings made of various materials: - the reinforced polyester revetted with polyvinylchloride; - metal (for example, aluminum tubes); - high-quality plastic (normally it is the automatic rolletny coverings consisting of the plastic plates connected among themselves); - foam (polyfoam); - wood and polymeric composite material, etc.

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