How to collect angular sofa

How to collect angular sofa

Angular sofa - multipurpose furniture which is irreplaceable in interior of small apartments. They distinguish on configuration and design, can have different orientation (right-hand or left-side), various lengths of the parties, to be integral or added.


1. The simplest added angular sofas use as kitchen corner. Such sofas decorate lunch zone, doing it convenient and modern. The kitchen angular sofa consists of several parts (two or three) which represent sitting with backs and gather nearby, like the designer. They can be collected both on left, and on the right side. For this purpose just join parts and insert fixing pins into grooves.

2. Folding angular sofas have various mechanism of transformation therefore gather differently. It should be noted that usually in them one part remains motionless (not folding) and supplements the main berth, allowing to move apart it in breadth or in length. Such sofas can also have added blocks, but can have also integral design. Design of Euroknizhk. Usually the sofa consists of three parts: two sofas (folding and not folding) and the triangular insert between them serving as small table. For unfolding of sofa nominate its lower part to yourself, then lower back on vacant place. To bring together Euroknizhka at first lift back in vertical position, then push its lower part.

3. Design "Dolphin". Angular sofas with such design usually consist of two parts. Long side part forms corner and is not mobile, the central part is displayed in berth, forming rather spacious bed with "bokovushka". To spread out sofa, undertake secret loop in the lower part of sitting and push it forward, then lift on yourself up. The mobile platform of sofa will become into place level with seat and forms wide convenient berth. To collect sofa back, press front part of sofa down and push it under seat.

4. Design "Accordion". Such angular sofas can have two or three components, depending on model. Only one part is here too displayed, the second remains motionless. The folding sofa consists of back and sitting. The back is folded double. Pull sitting on yourself, It will be pushed forward and will pull for itself back which will settle level with seat on vacant place. To collect such sofa, just move sitting back.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team