How to collect bath from bar

How to collect bath from bar

Construction of own bath business difficult and labor-consuming. If you are sure of the forces, then will get not only the necessary useful construction, but also useful experience.


1. Collect felling, notching corners from two parties of each wreath, it is necessary not to allow box curvature when drying. Zapila from the inside of bar will be the best option, such assembly is considered more reliable. Use nails in work or wooden dowel – both options allow to collect felling in equally quality box.

2. Do not do dense adjustment of bars, the free space is filled with heater, use tow. Close sealant rails, the felling will look it more esthetic.

3. Consider the size of nails, it has to be 250 mm. Drive in nails so that the hat has been "deeply drowned", at least on 3 cm. You can even take drill and drill openings of the necessary size. The ready felling dries depending on humidity of the used material, not drowned nails will squeeze out bar, too big slots are formed.

4. If you have decided to use wooden dowel, you will need powerful drill and special drill. You drill opening so that it was formed on two wreaths in a row. The dowel has to be more, than opening. Wooden dowel hold felling more strong, than nails. Use round rails from qualitative breeds of trees, for example, such as oak, fir-tree, pine. Do not take dowel from birch or aspen, these breeds are most of all subject to rotting.

5. One of important stages of works is installation of doors and windows. Consider shrinkage of felling, especially, if you have decided to carry out these works right after assembly of box. You do not fix windows and doors densely, leave gaps. Do not sheathe fresh felling from within, it will influence process of "shrinkage".

6. Leave felling without roof, windows and doors for year. Do not forget to process it anti-septic tank. Pay special attention to the lower wreaths, they are most of all subject to rotting.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team