How to collect double bed

How to collect double bed

It is pleasant to sleep on comfortable bed if it is collected by the hands reliably and competently. And the material aspect is important: the self-made bed will be two-three times cheaper, than practically same, acquired in furniture store.

1. Before buying mattress, it is necessary to decide what it has to be the sizes. The shop will offer you the standard for double beds - 2000×1800×200 mm. But if you are interested not only in how to save money, but also in being located on this bed most comfortably, you can order mattress separately.

2. However it is better to make box for bed independently. The convenience of bed does not depend only on the sizes or rigidity/softness of mattress. Also the wooden blank is important.

3. For production of framework it is the best of all to use dry pine board 30-35 mm thick. Remember that the mattress has to be placed freely in box. In other words, the basis has to be about 8-10 mm more longwise and width. Box height – on your discretion, but nevertheless consider at the same time and stability of all design.

4. The bottom of framework should not be integral that all load of it has been distributed evenly, and the mattress could "breathe". Usually the box is done of 3 parts (in the middle – is twice wider, than at the left and on the right).

5. Aflush with framework levels to which you attach later bylets design and establish longitudinal stiffening fin, Then – two cross edges. All of them should not reach to the brim beds. Boards for them have to have width equal to box depth.

6. Design bylets of double bed. That from them that will be in legs, has to be aflush with the top plane of box. To Byltsa in headboard of bed make binary and for relief attach to it rectangular part. On width they have to be about 10 mm wider than box dimensions on each party.

7. Check stability of design, having brought together her and having adjusted on level. Put mattress in box. If all calculations and works have been performed truly, then he precisely will get up on the place.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team