How to connect dish washer

How to connect dish washer

Dish washers appear practically in each apartment now. However if you have for the first time got this useful piece of the equipment, then before beginning to use it, you should connect dish washer. It is quite possible to make with own hands.

Before connecting dish washer, take into account that the shop which has sold it can refuse to you after-sales service because of nonprofessional installation and connections machines. Besides, even the most detailed instructions can be misunderstood in case you have no experience of handling of electric devices and household appliances, and the wrong connection of dish washer (as well as washing) is fraught with the gulf of yours, and it is possible also the neighbour's apartment. Be careful.

It is necessary to connect dish washer in close proximity to pipes of water supply and from current network. The special fastenings interfering its damage during the movement are in transit put on dish washer, as well as the majority of household appliances. These fastenings need to be removed. In the course of installation the dish washer has to occupy equal. Steady position also not to adjoin to other pieces of furniture or household appliances.

For connection of dish washer to current network it is extremely desirable to draw separate line of wires from electric board, including the safety lock and it is obligatory – grounding. It is inadmissible to connect dish washer to network, using the extender as it is not calculated on high powers of energy consumption in which dish washers differ. At best it can lead to breakage of the machine or leakage, and in the worst – to ignition.

The dish washer is connected to pipe with cold water by means of the special jellied hose which is usually on sale together with machine. In case the big length of that hose is required, it is possible to get it separately. Water supply is blocked and before connecting hose, it is necessary to open the crane and to drain the water which has remained in pipes. For the correct fixing of hose use special guides, as a rule in the form of letter U.

All laying and the connecting elements should be checked for tightness and lack of leakages. Special attention should be paid to the air interval of draining which is about the crane, and going from it to draining hose. The overflow hose and the carrying-out hose have to lie exactly and not to be overwound or pressed on all the length. Before starting dish washer with water, it is recommended to make trial start without it.

Everything is all right – means, it is possible to start the first working start.

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