How to connect hammock

How to connect hammock

Hammock – very pleasant and useful thing thanks to which weekend at the dacha near the city will give not less pleasure, than short holiday in the sea resort. Rest will please even more if to make hammock with own hands.

It is required to you

  • Cord – 230 m, shanks – 30 x 2 cm, brush for soil and varnish, brush for paints, paints, soil, varnish, adhesive tape


1. The cord should be divided into 32 pieces (each about seven meters long). On pieces it is necessary to measure one and a half meters for "tail" and to fix on midstream – and, the smaller piece is located above. It is necessary to weave 10 vertical knots out of each two cords. Around the left cord the right cord is braided 10 times.

2. Then it is necessary to weave double flat knot out of each four cords. In the following row the knots have to be located in chessboard order. So all main part of hammock becomes.

3. When the end of hammock is close, on each cord it will be required to measure one and a half meters (from reverse side), to tie on these marks color strings and near that which will be highest, to finish hammock the same as it has been begun, - ten vertical knots. Then it is necessary to fix cords on the second rod. On the free ends on both sides follows vyplest on two vertical knots along rods. This row is important for strong fixing of rods in weaving. On two ends it is recommended to separate cords into four parts, to connect from them double flat knot and to fix carefully by one of cords.

4. The rest needs to be braided to the dense spit and to make loop for which the hammock will be hung up. Along hammock on both sides it is necessary thick cord and to fix it on rods. Rods become as follows. It is necessary to get two shanks in household shop, to measure on them 1 meter and to saw off unnecessary slanted part, to otshkurit, cover with primer for wooden surfaces and to dry. That strips have turned out, rods can be wound with adhesive tape for bonding of windows and to paint. More elegant option is to tear off adhesive tape, to pokleit new by the same principle, leaving untouched clean places, again to paint several flowers and again to dry. Then it will be required to varnish, leave rods to dry for day and after to attach on them cords.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team