How to connect the house to electricity

How to connect the house to electricity

To connect the house to electricity, it is necessary to make number of procedures. After execution of all necessary documents it is necessary to employ the qualified electrician as to climb on column for connection of electricity to power line of wires very dangerously, special skills are necessary.

  • - wire for connection from column to the house
  • - to gofrotrub
  • - anchor hook
  • - electric meter
  • - permission to connection
  • - contract on electrical supply

1. At first address to the Energonadzor. Write the application for desire to connect the house to electricity. Specify the home address and desirable power of electricity consumption. For owner-occupied residential building it is enough to specify 5 kW. The application to you will be signed, and with it address to service center which works with clients. There to you will make the document on connection specifications. He prepares about about one month.

2. While to you make the document on specifications, buy cable of necessary length. It has to be the VULTURE brands, clips to it, gofrotruba and anchor – hook. Also do not forget to buy the electric meter. The representative of the Energonadzor has to connect and install the electric meter. After connection it will seal it at once and will draw up the statement of connection and sealings. With the act it is necessary to go to customer department and to sign the contract on electrical supply.

3. After obtaining permission to connection and specifications it is possible to install electrical equipment from column to the house. What will be made by the electrician employed by you. Bring cable to the house. Install the counter on the panel. Further connection of the counter is described above. The counter needs to be installed in the place which is specified.

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