How to construct penthouse

How to construct penthouse

As much as possible to use the useful area of the house, there are several ways. In economic or premises at the same time it is possible to turn both the basement, and the attic. To turn space under roof into the cozy room, it is necessary to develop the project and only after it to start its embodiment in reality.


1. It would seem, what is simpler: to tidy up on the attic, to make renovation, to install electrical equipment, and the living room is ready. But it far not so. The roof device over the inhabited and non-residential premise considerably differs as will be exposed to other loadings from within as in premises the air humidity and heat are higher, than just on the attic.

2. It is the best of all to provide penthouse at stage of laying of the house. The form of roof has to be developed taking into account that, indoors under it the convenient living space will rationally be organized. If the roof broken, then problem of convenience is solved with ease. If the roof has irregular shape, or roof heavy, then here it is necessary, to strengthen framework which "will eat" considerable part of space under roof.

3. Creation of penthouse is begun with warming of rafter system and furring. Thickness of heater depends on the level of low temperatures and also on heat conductivity of the roof. Between heater and actually rafters the waterproofing layer is laid, and later over heat-insulating layer stack vapor barrier layer. All this needs to be made in order to avoid condensate skaplivaniye. Then all system is sheathed gypsum cardboard.

4. It is better to establish windows in penthouse plastic with possibility of microventilation. The convenience plasticof double-glazed windows in this case is shown in opportunity to give to penthouse window any geometrical form.

5. The question what to place in penthouse disappears when in the house the shortage of living space. There it is possible to arrange the children's room or the guest room. If someone from family members looks for opportunity to be engaged in creativity, then the best option, than to place workshop or office in attic room, is not present.

6. To get rid of feeling of pressure of low ceiling, it is necessary to paint all space of the room in monophonic pastel color. Use of golden light brown shades is also welcomed.

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