How to cover hydrangea in the fall for the winter

How to cover hydrangea in the fall for the winter

The hydrangea is very beautiful and unpretentious flower. It can grow everywhere, except for some thermophilic grades. In the fall after small sanitary cutting the bushes of hydrangea need to be covered for the winter.

It is optional to cover frost-resistant species of hydrangea for the winter. It, first of all, concerns treelike hydrangea which roots are deeply and do not freeze slightly in the winter. At this look cover only young plants in the first few years after landing with dry leaves up to 20 cm thick. It is desirable to cover all other species of hydrangeas for the winter.

Begin to prepare for this process in September when stop watering of plants and gradually delete the lower leaves that escapes to winter of odrevesnela. And already before the frosts in October delete all remained leaves, except those which protect the upper flower kidneys. The Pristvolny circle at hydrangea is mulched humus or peat.

Then branches of plant tie with rope or twine and carefully bend down to the earth. It is better to carry out this process gradually in several steps. It is possible to damage sprouts of flower. Under adult hydrangea display small layer of fir twigs or boards. Stack flowers on them, fixing by means of rope or brackets from wire. If to use rope, then in the earth it is necessary to establish special fastenings. Therefore brackets from aluminum wire ideal option. And, if to bend down hydrangea gradually, then they will need just to be rearranged from the beginning of plant by the end.

Further stack on plants fir twigs and any material again, for example lutrasit. It will protect plants from receipt surplus of moisture. On it fill dry leaves or sawdust. Young plants also bend down to the earth, stack on fir twigs, powder with dry leaves and press bricks.

If escapes leaky adjoin to the earth, in order to avoid breakages in the winter, under them enclose or the bags filled with dry leaves or empty plastic bottles. Oak leaves most of which quicker dry out in clear weather best of all are suitable for the shelter of hydrangea. It increases heat-insulating properties of such shelter by several percent.

During the spring period it is not necessary to hurry to open hydrangea. It badly transfers night frosts. Plants begin to open only in May, but do it gradually. In the same time lift escapes and again accustom them to vertical position. Do not worry if part of escapes has darkened, after a while they will be green again.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team