How to cover roses

Roses – beautiful, but very whimsical flowers. That they have not died, they should be made correctly ready for the winter, to cover. It is necessary to cover roses carefully, following all rules. Then prickly beauties will safely endure cold weather, so, will please your look next spring and in the summer.

It is required to you

  • Chopper with trident, secateurs, ashes, peat, dry grass, leaves or sawdust, fir twigs.


1. If you grow up roses in average to strip, then at the end of September cut off the dried-up parts of escapes, tear off dry peduncles, lobes. Remove the lowermost leaves. And also all sick foliage, dry trunk, remained of last years.

2. Accurately loosen the earth around rosebushes, trying not to touch their roots. Remove all weeds, even the smallest. It is better to use not shovel, but small chopper with trident, to loosen the soil not more deeply, than on 5 cm. Then around bushes fill ashes to protect roses from wreckers.

3. In October when air temperature becomes lower at night minus 5 degrees, hill roses peat on height of third or half of bush. Break all lumps of peat and loosen. It is possible to use the friable earth instead of peat. Cut unripe tops of the youngest escapes. Cover bushes with dry leaves or grass. It is possible to fill sawdust instead of grass or leaves. Then put from above fir-tree fir twigs.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team