About what to talk to the girl on walk?

About what to talk to the girl on walk?

If you do not enter category of people to whom communication is as natural as breath, you for certain will think about what to talk to the girl on an appointment. Correctly constructed conversation will help not only to gain trust, but also to be at the best.

What should not you speak with the girl at a meeting about?

For a start we will deal with a taboo. Even if you will speak on the correct subjects all the time, but by negligence will afford such statements, evening can be spoiled. If you long ago together, you define scope of a talk. And here if you are not for long familiar, avoid these subjects:

  1. My being …. It is not necessary to tell about other relations – hearing it, the girl can quite decide that you saw in her only the friend.
  2. And what it is pleasant to you in sex?. This subject has to be brought up in the relations only when couple emotionally became attached to each other and intim already took place. In all other cases the girl can decide that only one and it is necessary to you. These words you can not prepare the girl for the intentions, and push away.
  3. What linen on you is put on?. This question is perceived similarly. You should not allow any intimate discussions on the first appointments.
  4. And what you think of foreign policy of the USA?. First, the girl can not be interested in policy at all, and will uncomfortably feel. Secondly, her views can cardinally differ from yours, and in a desperate dispute you can spoil all appointment.
  5. What do you think of the Buddhism?. A religion subject – also a taboo as in it too many disagreements are.
  6. You have a catch on tights. Never pay attention and the more so you do not speak aloud with the unfamiliar girl about her any shortcomings and misses, especially if you suspect that she perfectly knows about it.
  7. It you about that nice girlfriend?. At the girl there should be no discussions of other women, any regard and inquiries, otherwise she will brand you the ladies' man.

Of course, it is not the full list. Speaking in general, do not concern sharp and intimate subjects, you do not say about what can be apprehended as reproach, show that you are interested in it by one.

About what to talk to the girl on walk?

It is the best of all to use the allowed time with advantage and to learn as much as possible about the girl to understand what person before you, and to decide on long-term plans. Let's review successful examples of about what to talk to the girl:

  • talk about a hobby, hobbies, interests always has to be on the first place, for couple it is important to have points of intersection;
  • learn what movies she loves to what music she listens and what books reads – it will indicate to you an outlook of the girl and will help to find a new common ground;
  • for the first meetings the talk about the biography is successful – ask the girl from where she where studied where she works, and report similar data on yourself;
  • sure bet – a talk about plans and dreams: from the first meetings it is better to know what the person to understand, as far as possible the joint future aspires to.

To be guided in about what it is better to talk to the girl, costs on a situation: one will lay out to you all the biography at once, another will prefer to remain mysterious and will not begin to answer questions. The main thing to conduct a conversation easy, and it is easy to refuse subjects which the interlocutor did not support.

Why there is nothing to talk to the girl?

If you every time painfully think about what to talk to the girl at a meeting, think: whether and that is a girl? Any love passes over time, and an opportunity to discuss interests, to communicate on interesting two subjects is important always. If you several appointments in a row suffer a question of why the conversation, perhaps is not glued, you are just badly compatible to this specific girl. Do not forget also that the your outlook is wider, the more you read and travel, the simpler to you to construct dialogue with any person.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team