About what to speak with the girl by phone?

About what to speak with the girl by phone?

After the guy got acquainted with the girl and took from her the phone number, there is a curious question concerning about what to speak with the girl by phone. It has huge value as knowing on it the answer it is possible to achieve from the girl of interest and a definite purpose. For example, to invite her to a meeting or home to a tea cup. Therefore it is necessary to understand about what interesting it is possible to speak with the girl by phone.

Strangely enough, but phone call has one remarkable advantage: the girl does not see the man. Therefore he can feel freely and relaxedly.

Before talking to the girl who is pleasant to you it is necessary:

  1. To pick up time. It is important that during the conversation there were no troubles, such as, a summons for work or arrival of guests. When the man calls the girl, he is obliged to take an interest whether she can talk. If she is busy, then it is better to specify when it is convenient to it to call back.
  2. To set the object. Before beginning a conversation the man has to have a goal, and it is better at once a little. For example, there has to be a certain task: to invite the girl home. At the same time it is important to understand that she can refuse this offer. Therefore the invitation of the girl in cafe can become the second purpose.
  3. To present a plot. The man has to present that the girl came to him home. For example, that both watch the romantic movie, and then begin to kiss. It is necessary to see result of the purpose which was set.

What do girls like to talk about?

If the guy does not know about what to speak with the girl by phone, then he needs to know that there are several subjects which will please the interlocutor:

  1. Relations. The girl very much like to speak about it, especially when the guy can tell that he expects from the joint future with her.
  2. Clothes. Girls are so suited that for them the huge value has appearance. Therefore if the girl tells the guy that she bought a new jacket quite recently, then it is important for it that listened to her.
  3. Children. In each woman the maternal instinct is put and everyone has some ideas that in the future she will become a mother. For the girl very important that the man was not afraid to communicate on this subject.

Besides, the guy can talk about sex, communicating with the girl on mobile, but it is better to do it carefully not to tread on her corns.

How to talk to the girl about feelings?

Mutual sympathy – it is good. If the man is confident that between him and the girl there was a reciprocity and it is time to transfer the relations to more serious course, then it is very important to admit to it feelings. As to make it:

  1. During the conversation with the girl by phone, she needs to make the unexpected invitation and to suggest to meet at restaurant. If the girl answers positively, then at a meeting it is necessary to carry away, first of all, it, having told about some romantic story. Also the man has to express the attitude towards heroes of the story and take an interest in opinion of the girl. From what at her quarrystone reaction depends a lot of things she can either criticize, or praise heroes of history. In that case the man will know that he will wait for him after he makes an avowal of sentiments. At positive reaction it is possible to start actions.
  2. Women very much want that their satellites were heroes who can cope with any difficulties. Therefore commission of some heroic act can win the heart of the girl. Having felt that she feels safe securities, the man can carry out the actions and admit to the girl feelings. It is the best of all to do it, having remained alone.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team