How to couch cedar

How to couch cedar

For numerous fans of coniferous plants in cedar pine the main thing is its majestic beauty and ability it is easy to transfer the Russian hard winter. That is why the cedar pine is welcome guest on our site. To fans to regale on pine nuts it is important to remember that the tree begins to fructify only after 40 years of life.


1. If you have decided to put at yourself in garden cedar because of its nutlets, it is better to pay attention to cedar stlanik. They are same beautiful, but grow much quicker and fructify for the 10th year of life.

2. Buy pine nuts. It is better to pick them independently, but if there is no such opportunity, it is possible to buy also in the market. Pay attention that they were fresh, not dry.

3. Wet seeds in weak solution of potassium permanganate. Soak within three days, daily changing water. Take water for soaking of pine nuts rain or thawed, at worst better - water otstoyanny. Water temperature has to be room.

4. Take any suitable container - it can be can of coffee or big glass of yogurt. Surely make openings in the bottom. On the worst case also the normal plastic bag will descend.

5. Wash out standard natural sand, mix it with nutlets. Densely stamp in the prepared container.

6. Put container with sand in the fridge, in vegetables fruit compartment. Mix has to contain in the fridge month three. Each two weeks get sand, humidify and you loosen.

7. After term wash out seeds. By then third from them already have to "arise". Touch the seeds spoiled remove.

8. Plant the sprouted seeds in soil or in normal flowerpot. Be not overzealous with watering, and that your sprouts can decay.

9. If you plant seeds on the site at once, you remember that they will badly grow in the shaded places. The growing cedars need the sun.

10. Do not think that the Siberian cedars grow only in Siberia. They remarkably take root in all regions of our country.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team