How to create design of the yard at the dacha

How to create design of the yard at the dacha

Arrangement of the yard at the dacha – the complex process consisting of many components. The design of court yard has to be in harmony with exterior of the house and include creation of design of the territory and garden. Therefore to create the project of the country yard, it is necessary to be able to understand composition, construction and finishing materials, ornamental and garden plants, in the field of landscaping.

It is required to you

  • - paper and pencils for the sketch


1. First of all make the plan or the sketch. Try to bring in it everything that you have conceived to make. This initial stage therefore be not afraid to include the imagination at full capacity. It is quite possible that in the course of implementation of your ideas the fact that initially it seemed exigeant, unexpectedly will be simpler. Even if at some point you will refuse to do everything, the ready plan can be shown to experts and to carry out changes with their help. Also by means of the project try to estimate the end result, terms and cost of works.

2. Further try to detail the received project. Consider all nuances of the seasonal dacha: relief, climate, soil, sizes and arrangement of communications, constructions, plantings. Calculate the exact place where each element of design will be located. Imagine the end result in imagination and define whether all your ideas will be in harmony with each other. Also lighting of your site will be important: the different arrangement of shadows during the day can change exterior of your site in any given party.

3. Remember some rules which will help you to create competent design. If the site small, use direct paths and beds of rounded shapes. For giving to court yard of originality and for creation of good climate, provide pools, streams, falls, ponds. Separately think over each bed: as to arrange it how many they will be all and as they will settle down. That the site was pleasing to the eye, visually allocate its central part. The last clause can be implemented, having disguised fencing plants or to plant bushes so that their height decreased from the center of the yard to its periphery.

4. If desired, provide placement on the site of sculptures. They can be made independently or to get in special shops. Sculptures are well cut out by the hands from polyfoam. Stick together sheets of this material, cut out the conceived figure from the received preparation. Then process putty and after drying paint. Reliably fix the received sculptures in the right places.

5. Find photos of professionally performed works on design of garden and seasonal dachas. From them it is possible not only to gather the new ideas, but also to spot how it is the best of all to group or make separate elements. Quite perhaps, you will find such project which want to embody at the dacha, previously having improved to the taste.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team