How to determine wall thickness

How to determine wall thickness

Construction – the occupation demanding special accuracy. You are not able to afford to be mistaken on several centimeters in installation of windows, doors or roofs since during fall and winter the cold, rain, etc. will get inside. To build the warm and strong house, it is necessary to determine wall thickness in advance.


1. If you at once build the strong and warm house, you should not warm quickly with the onset of cold weather it by means of the accessory materials raising thermal insulation. Even the single-layer wall constructed according to all rules and norms can create the necessary atmosphere and temperature in the house.

2. Perhaps, the question why it is necessary to care for thermal insulation so will interest many. The fact is that it will allow to lower costs of heating.

3. For a start decide on assignment of the house under construction: there will be it the dacha to which you come in the summer to have a rest all family, or it is the house in which to budetezhit you and your children. In the first case stop on thickness of gas-concrete walls, equal 20-25 centimeters. At the same time density of material has to be 100 kg on one cubic meter. In cold day you without effort will be able to heat the room to the necessary temperature.

4. If you are going to live in own country house, then stop the choice on thicker walls. It will allow to minimize heat waste. According to norms, make walls of gas-concrete blocks which thickness reaches 300 mm. To warm the house, increase this indicator to 375 mm. This option more costly, however, in the future it will pay off.

5. It is worth paying your attention that for construction of country houses it is better to use gas-concrete blocks with a density of 400 kg on one cubic meter. In this case heat conductivity during operation of dry blocks is limited to mark of 0.1 W/m.

6. After construction there have to pass several years before all technology moisture evaporates and the house is acquired similar heat-insulating properties. Also do not forget about interior and exterior finish of the room which influences thermal insulation level.

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