How to determine well depth

How to determine well depth

During creation of well it is important to know not only, where to dig, but also on what depth. Row the technician as connected with use of the modern equipment, and meaning observation of the specific place is for this purpose used.


1. Learn from the closest neighbors what depth at them wells and where water-bearing strata have been found. It does not mean that on your parcel the situation will be the same, but the probability to find water at the same depth, as living nearby, is very high. At the same time consider difference in heights on your sites in places of digging of the well for production of potable water.

2. Use biolocation method. The expert having ability to feel water underground has to be engaged in it. About the help of fluctuation of metal objects and own feelings he looks for the place optimum for creation of the well. He in a number of situations predicts also depth on which it is necessary to dig well for the best supply with its water. At the same time consider that such methods builders of wells recognize some, but geologists reject as contradicting scientific knowledge.

3. Dig out several trial wells. It is the most reliable, but also labor-consuming method of determination of depth of future well. At the same time, if you have found water superficially, in 1-2 meters from earth surface, be on the lookout. It with high probability can be non-drinkable. The research of properties of the received liquid in laboratory regarding recognition it drinking will become optimal solution. Address in SES in the nearest town and learn where it is possible to investigate water and how many it will cost.

4. Do not stop on the first water-bearing stratum, especially if it consists of the heavy clay which hardly is passing water. The optimum water-bearing stratum can be considered that which contains the sand which is well filtering liquid. Deeper well with several sources of water will be more reliable and protected from drying. Also in many areas the water lying at depth of dozens meters can be considered as the best.

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