How to cook semolina without lumps

How to cook semolina without lumps

If your children hate semolina porridge because of a large number of lumps and films in it, then use the following subtleties and treat relatives with tasty and useful porridge.

It is required to you

  • - 1 cups of milk;
  • - 3 tsps of semolina;
  • - 1-2 tablespoons of granulated sugar (to taste);
  • - ¼ tsps of salt;
  • - 10 g of a desi;
  • - berries (jam, jam).


1. Pour cold milk in a pan. For cooking of semolina porridge choose the small pan having the long handle as will conveniently operate such capacity when porridge begins to rise when boiling. Add to milk salt and sugar which amount depends on what porridge to taste you love: sweet or salty. In case you are going to add fresh berries, jam or jam, then granulated sugar to a dish it is possible not to use at all.

2. The next stage will become the most important in preparation of semolina porridge without lumps. Usually in all culinary recipes advise to fill up semolina in milk with a thin stream. So don't do at all if you don't want balling during contact of proteins and a sticky part of semolina and hot milk. Thus, there is a zavarivaniye and an obvolakivaniye of grains of semolina its sticky part. In order that lumps weren't, it is necessary to add semolina only to cold milk. If to add semolina to cooled milk, then grains will absorb liquid, bulk up and during cooking don't form lumps.

3. Cool milk and only after that pour into it semolina. Put milk with semolina on small fire and you cook semolina porridge, constantly stirring slowly with it. It is necessary to mix porridge surely during all process of preparation, otherwise semolina the grain will be settled on a bottom and stuck to a pan.

4. After milk begins to begin to boil, slightly reduce fire, put a pan with porridge on the very brink of a ring and continue to cook, periodically mixing a product. Do it within 2-3 minutes until porridge thickens to that state when easily flows down from a spoon and it is good to mix up, i.e. semolina porridge has to turn out both not thick, but not liquid.

5. Pour porridge from a pan in a plate further, add a desi piece, mix before light cooling. Besides, for improvement of taste of semolina porridge you can add to it fresh berries (strawberry, raspberry, a wild strawberry, etc.), also jam or jam. Semolina porridge without lumps is ready and it can be eaten with great pleasure!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team