How to disassemble the geyser

In use the geyser on torch and other structural components the remains of products of processing accumulate. Therefore experts recommend each six months to clean column from the harmful formations which have accumulated in it. One of the most common causes of malfunctions – pollution of feed branch pipe of gas. It is possible to clean it and in house conditions.

It is required to you

  • - screw-driver;
  • - water;
  • - brush for washing;
  • - Q-tip.


1. Remove the sensor handle which regulates water temperature. Install the slider in position "ignition". In some models of columns the ignition is made by means of the handle which will also need to be removed.

2. Remove the protection cover of the geyser, using the screw-driver. Raise by means of the screw-driver, and then remove the top clip of branch pipe. Now accurately take out branch pipe from the lower clip.

3. Clean internal space of branch pipe Q-tips. Attentively examine nozzle as too periodically settles dust on it. If necessary clean from the accumulated pollution and it.

4. Wash out branch pipe under water jet of room temperature. It is necessary to wash out spare parts thoroughly to remove the slightest particles of dirt. Dry parts. It is desirable to blow branch pipe – then all residues of moisture will descend.

5. Establish branch pipe into place. It is necessary to begin with the top fastening. In the lower situation it is much easier to record tube, having pressed it finger. Establish clip into place.

6. Check the geyser in operating mode. Press the power adjuster and pyezorozzhig at the same time. Take buttons fifteen-twenty seconds. The torch will light up.

7. Remove the heat exchanger and thoroughly wash it from dirt with hot soap solution. Dry, and then establish on the former place. Before installing the protection cover into place, make sure of completeness of the geyser, correctness of installation of parts, check tightness of system of supply of water. Only after that close casing and establish on the former place of the handle of sensors of adjustment.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team