How to draw arrows

How to draw arrows

shooters drawn with pencil or liquid eyeliner will make eyes more expressive and bright. Not all are able to draw lines exactly, but it is possible to learn this art for several lessons. Try to use powdery pencil, the automatic liner or thin brush with cream eyeliner.

Cosmetics choice

For drawing of arrows it is possible to use different cosmetics. It is worth beginning with soft pencil. He draws flat lines of various width and if the hand trembles, the arrow can be corrected Q-tip.

Very convenient product - natural antimony in the form of stik or paste. With its help it is easy to draw wide bright arrows, but they can be smeared already in a couple of hours. But antimony practically does not cause irritations on skin and suits owners even of very sensitive eyes.

Those who is already able to handle pencil should try the automatic liner. He draws very bright and resistant lines which are quickly fixed and do not blur. The same effect can achieve also by means of liquid eyeliner which is put with thin brush. Makeup artists appreciate cream and gel eyeliner. Changing brushes, with its help it is possible to draw very thin or wide dramatic arrows. Cream products give accurate lines with gloss, they are not showered and not smeared.

We draw arrows: master class

Apply on eyelids of shadow or powder skin. It will longer help eyeliner to keep, shooters will become brighter and beautiful. For a start try to use eye shadow pencil. Grind slate pencil and carry out by it up to palm. The tip of pencil should not be too sharp, otherwise it can injure gentle eyelid skin. Holding upper eyelid with fingers of the left hand, begin to draw arrow, holding pencil at a small angle. Do small strokes, drawing them as it is possible closer to the line of growth of eyelashes. Try that the arrow has turned out equal. The brush for eyeliner will help to raise its tip. Apply its handle by century under the necessary corner and conduct the pencil line at necessary length. Repeat all receptions on other eye, observing symmetry. The shooter can make brighter, having put liquid eyeliner over pencil lines. One more option is to decorate arrow with spangles. It can be done by means of gel with shimmer which is imposed thin brush. If the line was uneven, erase it Q-tip and continue drawing. In the same way it is possible to make arrows by means of antimony or dry pigment. These products put with thin round or flat brush. Being going to draw arrows gel or cream eyeliner, consider that they are very quickly fixed on skin. Gain small amount of product on brush and draw small strokes, since the middle of upper eyelid. If desired the arrow can be expanded, having strengthened pressing brush. In the last turn issue internal corner of eye, having drawn thin line from it to the center of upper eyelid.

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