How to equip the rental apartment

How to equip the rental apartment

The dream of own housing is anyway inherent in any person. However it is frequent this dream if it is achievable, then not in the near future. Therefore many families are forced to lease long time housing and to make out it as it would be desirable to equip own house. If to approach the matter creatively, then to create the atmosphere of the cozy center not so difficult.


1. The apartment, whether it be removable or own, begins with the hall or corridor. Glance over this zone and try to make it the coziest and pleasant. Entering rental housing and looking at original hanger or with taste the picked-up rugs, you will subconsciously associate it with own house in which not only money, but also soul are invested.

2. If in the rental apartment there is furniture, then first of all think how it is possible to rearrange it so that to recreate picture of your ideal house. Besides, shift of furniture after other residents will cause the movement of stagnant others energy and considerably will add to you good mood. It is optional to move very heavy cabinets, it is possible to experiment only with mobile objects or even interior accessories. For example, to make in the hall corner for reading, to fence off the educational place of the child floor vases or racks.

3. After approval of owners you can replace upholstery of upholstered furniture or put on her new covers. Try to give identity to your temporary accommodation by means of house textiles: curtains, curtains, cloths, carpets or pillows. Move the available pictures, add the, and you can issue picture frames fabric or just recolour them (also after the consent of owners of the dwelling).

4. Usually in the rental apartment rather modest interior, and about accessories and it is not necessary to speak. You do not keep own belongings in boxes. Hang up the lamps which are available for you, cachepot, place vases and figurines. It is not the hotel room, but the apartment where you should live long time, and, so it has to reflect your personal taste and create at you positive emotions.

5. Even if you are not admirer of home-made greens, flowers in pots are capable to provide favorable aura, "to cultivate" as much as possible others apartment. At the same time refuse still life from plastic fruit and berries and also compositions from artificial flowers.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team