How to finish bathroom

How to finish bathroom

The bathroom can be combined and separate, spacious or very tiny. Anyway this public space can be made comfortable and beautiful. Finishing of the bathroom and toilet has to correspond to the general style of the apartment, to be functional and simple in leaving.

1. Choose color gamma of the bathroom. If in your apartment the separate bathroom and toilet are equipped, they can be issued in different style and color. If the room the general, select plumbing in set. It is better to issue the small bathroom in light pastel tones, the spacious room can be made more dark or to focus attention on contrasts.

2. Very stylish the combination of light and bright colors looks. For example, in small toilet it is possible to make saturated-orange tiled floor and to lay out geometrical pattern of the same tone on creamy-yellow walls. And here the classical black-and-white gamma often looks too deliberately and theatrically, and can even sometimes cause depression.

3. Pick up suitable materials. For the combined bathroom is most practical to use tile. Lay the opaque ceramics imitating stone on the floor. It does not slide that allows to avoid accidental injuries. Walls it is possible will issue the glazed tile or tinted glass blocks giving to the room lightness.

4. Very stylish also finishing by the tree processed by special water-repellent protector looks. Revet with usually such panels the lower part of walls. Top it is possible to cover with light paint of suitable tone, and to close joint decorative molding.

5. The simplest and fast option – coloring of walls water-based paint. Such approach will allow to completely change in several hours design of the room without carrying out big repair. Before painting of wall it is necessary to level and cover with the means preventing emergence of mold. In the same way it is possible to paint ceiling.

6. Do not forget about lamps. In bathroom it is practical to use the closed opaque plafonds or point sources of light. On floor lay soft rugs in tone of one their elements of finishing. All other accessories – soap trays, towels, bath robes – maintain in uniform color gamma. In the small room the excessive diversity is unacceptable.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team