How to get rid of ants on the seasonal dacha

How to get rid of ants on the seasonal dacha

We from school were taught that ants are such hardworking insects by which enthusiasm it is only possible to admire and be inspired. But when the horde of such hard workers appears on our seasonal dacha, it turns into the real nightmare. They wander everywhere, bite and in general poison good rest outdoors.

The arrangement of ant hills directly depends on the trees struck with plant louse. They are under construction exactly near them because ants feed on her. You can try to save tree from plant louse, and you can just not start up ants to her, having smeared trunk with Viola glue or treacle. Besides, it is possible to confuse insects, having spread out at them to ways the cut garlic heads. Apparently, ants as vampires, are afraid of this smell. But in addition, the smell of garlic forces down ants hunters from mark to food which is left by ants intelligence agents (they leave the smell on paths).

To himself to the aid it is possible to call also other representatives of fauna. Build near tree where there is ant hill, small pools with water by means of automobile tires. Cut them in half along the tire, place them on small deepenings in the earth with water. To this "watering place" birds will fly and to peck your torturers.

Try to fill in ant hill. For this purpose solutions of insecticides, oil, boiled water, solution of sugar or treacle will approach. Never fill in ant hills with varnish or vinegar, it not only can do much harm to trees, but will make poisonous its fruits. One of traditional ways – to strew ant hill with hot ashes.

If destruction of ants became for you the real hunting, make couple of traps for them. Put near the ant house several small vessels with viscous sugar liquid. In it ants will get stuck and or after that will change the dislocation, or will nevermore approach that place where you left trap.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team