How to get rid of clothes louses

How to get rid of clothes louses

One of three species of louses can be activators of pediculosis: head, pubic and clothes. It is considered that this disease occurs in needy and not well-groomed people. However it absolutely not so, any person cannot be insured from this disease as louses are rather prolific, and it is rather easy to be infected with them. Get rid of parasites in short terms thanks to easy national ways.

It is required to you

  • - 20% soap and kerosene emulsion,
  • - iron.


1. Clothes louses live pleated human clothes, on body they spend time minimum with the purpose to profit. Clothes louses are more exacting, than head, they prefer insanitary conditions. These insects do not love silk and slippery fabrics, is much more comfortable and is cozy it to hide in clothes from cotton.

2. Normal washing of things with powder will not bring desirable results, it is necessary to try. At the first signs of appearance of clothes louses it is necessary to be washed up carefully with laundry soap in hot shower and to disinfect outerwear, the lower and bed linen, the room. For this purpose the 20% soap and kerosene emulsion will go. Disinfection of linen requires 2.5 liters of emulsion, for bed – 4.5 liters. To sustain linen within 20-30 minutes.

3. It is possible to process all linen the ferry or to boil, after that you will hang out clothes in the aired placement on direct sunshine (balcony) and leave for week.

4. Week later all folds of things iron the hot iron. This you prevent existence of parasites - louses.

5. The most effective way of disposal of clothes louses is disinfecting of linen and clothes in the paroformalinovy camera.

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