How to get rid of plant louse on currant

How to get rid of plant louse on currant

Red and black currants differ from each other not only the flavoring and useful qualities, but also the fact that they are struck most often by different insects wreckers.

For blackcurrant the kryzhovnikovy pobegovy plant louse is especially dangerous. She gets on young plants, twists leaves, they cease to grow and are bent. And on red currant another is brought - sheet gallic plant louse. It also damages leaves, but only on them dark red swellings are formed and over time leaves are showered.

How to struggle with plant louse on currant

1.      In independence of type of currant very effective remedy for fight against plant louse on currant is infusion of bitter wormwood. As soon as it appears and 20 – 25 cm in height grow, you pick in bucket and fill in with boiled water. You leave for 3-4 days under cover. Before application you add small piece of laundry soap to infusion and carefully you spray bushes, especially from the inside of leaves. Such procedure can be made before maturing of berries at any time.

2.      Some insects, for example ladybug, eat plant louse and can help your kitchen garden to cope with these wreckers. It is necessary as that to attract them on your site. For this purpose plant under bush of currant or near it such plants as yarrow or marigold.

3.      To use solution of tobacco dust. In bucket with warm water mix half a kilogram of tobacco dust, a little wood ashes and piece of laundry soap. Then just spray currant bushes. Soap is applied in order that the rain quickly has not washed away this solution.

4.      Against plant louse various infusions and broths from waste of vegetable cultures on personal plot perfectly help. The crushed potatoes tops of vegetable, onions peel or bulbs, the crushed garlic, fruits of siliculose pepper – all this tired or divorced in water perfectly will help with fight against this insect wrecker.

5.      It is also possible to prepare pharmaceutical camomile, horse sorrel and dandelion decoction. All these plants fill in with boiled water in bucket and leave at several o'clock. Then just water bushes with this broth. Do not forget to add laundry soap.

6.      When folk remedies for fight against plant louse cease to help, apply chemical medicines, for example such: antitlin – insecticide of plant origin. It process currant before blossoming or after harvesting. It is also possible to spray with carbophos, rovikurty, not later than 30 days before harvesting.

7.      Besides various ways of fight against plant louse it is necessary to carry out also scheduled maintenance. In time to tear off the struck leaves and to delete them, to make scarification under bushes, to cut the dried branches, not to allow excessive thickening of currant. In the early spring surely before swelling of kidneys on currant pour over bushes boiled water – the gallic plant louse leaves eggs under bark and they will die.

8.      As all know ants are relatives of plant louse and eat substance which she emits. Therefore it is better to begin high-quality fight against plant louse on currant with disposal of ants on your kitchen garden. With it you can be helped as folk remedies (soda, millet), so chemical medicines (for example "Anteater").

Very many insects - wreckers get on your kitchen garden together with planting stock therefore attentively see the bought saplings and process them solution of ammonia solution or potassium permanganate.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team