How to grow up bilberry

How to grow up bilberry

Bilberry since ancient times is famous for the medicinal properties. It well influences eyes, reducing their fatigue and enhancing visual acuity. Bilberry is perfectly used in medicine for prevention of such diseases as incoordination, losses of sight, muscular force and memory. It is not difficult to grow up this plant at itself in kitchen garden (garden), the main thing is to remember the basic rules of leaving.


1. Temperature condition. Bilberry in cultivation is very similar to currant, she is unpretentious. This plant is not afraid of frosts and perfectly feels both in frost, and during heat. It is recommended to place bilberry bushes on sunny sides, so the harvest will be richer and is more juicy.

2. Watering. It is regularly necessary to water bilberry bushes, she does not suffer lack of moisture.

3. Soil. This main requirement for cultivation of bilberry. Not in each garden (kitchen garden) you will meet bushes with bilberry just because requirements to the soil are very specific. Bilberry well grows only on sour soils. Before its landing the earth needs to be prepared previously. For this purpose you will need to dig hole of 15-20 cm in depth. At the bottom of deepening mix the earth with the fragmented peat enriched with nutrients. Also add the rotted-through oak leaves, the crushed bark to hole and it is a little peat mixed with sawdust. Only after that soil can be used for planting of bushes of bilberry.

4. Landing. Begin to land bilberry, October in the fall – November. For landing the most suitable 2-3 summer bushes. On earlier paved way land bilberry shanks so that the root system has been completely closed. Mix the soil with sand and peat and fill up this mix over soil. After that condense the earth around bush.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team