How to grow up grapefruits

How to grow up grapefruits

Many hostesses dream to grow up overseas fruit on own kitchen garden or kitchen windowsill. It is quite real, only a little patience, attention and knowledge is necessary.


1. It is the best of all to grow up grapefruit from sunflower seed. The large fruit with pulp of pink color is for this purpose necessary. The sunflower seed needs to clean from dense cover under which there are several germs with cotyledons. They need to be landed in pot. Cultivation of grapefruit demands good illumination therefore in winter time not to do without fluorescent lamps. It is impossible to change sharply location of this plant as it will begin to be showered at once.

2. Watering of grapefruit has to be very moderate, time in 7-10 days. Leaves need to be wiped with damp rag or to refresh them from spray. Water should not be chlorinated, its temperature can be 3-4 degrees.

3. In the spring grapefruit needs to be replaced in larger capacity with the updated soil. The bottom of capacity should be covered 5-8-centimeter drenazhy for which small filling brick or haydite will be suitable. It is necessary to add the sheet and cespitose earth, peat, sand, humus to the soil. Each 2-3 weeks it is necessary to feed up plants solutions of complex fertilizers. And the overdose by fertilizers is undesirable therefore solution has to be weak

4. One more important stage of cultivation of grapefruits is cutting. The krone can be formed in the first year of landing. It is desirable to give it the form of sphere. When the main branches reach 20-25 cm, prishchipyvat them and when they odrevesnet – cut, having left branches of 15 cm of the 1st order. On them leave two side escapes of the 2nd order with which make similar operation at achievement of length of 20-25 cm. The same concerns escapes of the 3rd order of branching. Escapes which grow vertically or are patients, it is necessary to delete. On escapes of the 5th order put the branches having floral kidneys.

5. The grapefruits which are grown up from sunflower seed begin to fructify for 4-5 year. Blossoming takes place in the spring, and fruits ripen in the fall. Grapefruit of "house origin" almost concedes nothing to those which have grown in Florida or by the Mediterranean.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team