What works carry out in garden and kitchen garden in June

What works carry out in garden and kitchen garden in June

For the first summer month the set of garden and garden works are necessary. Something else is only put, something is fertilized and weeded, and some cultures already bring harvest.

June works in kitchen garden

In the middle or at the end of June carry out thinning. Beet, garden radish and carrot especially needs this procedure. It is also necessary to delete arrows at garlic, onions, carrots and beet.

In June it is paid to potato much attention: it is weeded, hilled and carry out gathering of bugs or chemical treatment. In the first month of summer plant late seedling of cabbage, pepper, tomatoes.

It is repeatedly possible to plant garden radish, fennel, salads, arugula, spinach in June. Also sow radish, carrots and daikon for winter storage.

In June the scarification is carried out. Special attention should be paid to loosening of beds with tomatoes and cucumber holes.

Often in June introduce fertilizers for various cultures as to this period there is active growth and preparation for fructification. And cabbage and tomatoes should be processed almost right after disembarkation wood ashes from wreckers.

June works in garden

In the first summer month it is necessary to pay attention to berry bushes. In raspberry to remove excess young shoots and escapes, to finally create bushes. The gooseberry and currant can be made multiple copies by means of shanks at this time.

Beds of strawberry and wild strawberry loosen, water, feed up and cover with mulch. It is recommended to water bushes early in the morning. Carry out removal of unnecessary mustache for the best fructification.

At fruit-trees in June it is recommended to carry out forming of kroner. Delete new unnecessary escapes. Also it is worth making on each tree trap belt from wreckers. Carry out various fertilizing to accelerate maturing of harvest and to improve its quality. 

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