How to change a box name in mail

How to change a box name in mail

Unfortunately, the name of the mailbox cannot be changed to Mai.Ru which you selected once at registration of the account. But if absolutely the former name ceased to suit you, you can register new e-mail, and - it is simple to delete or continue to use the old box as alternative mail, having configured at the same time automatic transfer of incoming letters from the former address on new.


1. Register on Mail.Ru a new mailbox with a name which suits you, on any of available domains of this mail service:,,, Registration procedure standard — to you is required to enter the name and a surname, the city of residence, date of birth, to think up the password and a control question for its recovery or to tie the new account to number of the mobile phone.

2. Transfer contacts from the old mailbox to new manually or automatically by means of export function. For this purpose enter the old e-mail, pass into the address book — the link "Addresses" in a mailbox window cap — and press the Export button. Select an export format in a drop-down list: ",,, mailbox". Then press the Export button — the list of your contacts will be automatically saved in the file under the name adressbook.csv. Come into the address book of the new mailbox and press the Import button. Specify to a system path to the adressbook.csv file and press the Import button — all your contacts will be saved.

3. Do not forget that if you delete the old mailbox, also your accounts in all projects of Mail.Ru will disappear. If you  do not want to recreate "World", to fill out the questionnaire in "Acquaintances", to transfer posts to the new blog , etc., leave the former e-mail to work. You will be able automatically to redirect all messages which will come to your old mail to the new address. For this purpose in settings of the Mail.Ru mail there is a special function — "Transfer".

4. Enter the old mail to set parameters of transfer of incoming documents. Click a mouse on the link "Still" located in a mailbox cap. In the opened list select the link "Setup", and in the appeared list – the section "Transfer". Enter the new postal address in the field intended for this purpose and specify the password from the current mailbox to save installations.

5. Pay attention that use of filters will help you to configure transfer settings in more detail: you will be able to select only letters necessary to you to the addresses of senders and on subject, and even to install different answering machines for certain groups of correspondents. So, for example, you will be able to send the "necessary" correspondents to the answer the polite invitation from now on to write on your new e-mail, and to unwanted correspondents in response to their letters - the avaricious system notification "Is not present such address". The section "Filters" of, as well as "Transfer", is in the list of settings of mail. Read detailed information on installation and settings of filtering in the help Mail.Ru system.

6. Delete the old mailbox if you after all decided that it  is not necessary to you any more. For this purpose pass to the page, specify the reason of removal of the account in the field of a form intended for this purpose and  do not forget to enter the existing password from this mail. Pay attention that process of removal of contents of the projects "This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.", "This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." , etc. can take up to 5 days.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team