How to grow up myrtle

How to grow up myrtle

Evergreen myrtle with fragrant white colors and as if the polished leaves – symbol of youth, love and beauty. This tree allocates fitonitsida, the killing microbes and purifying air. Tincture of myrtle is applied against many illnesses. For prevention of diseases it is possible just to walk or sit near myrtaceous tree. Unfortunately, to put myrtle under the open sky in the Russian conditions it will hardly turn out, but the tree will successfully grow in greenhouse or even at home. The last option is more preferable: in this case the myrtle will bring you benefit just every second.

It is required to you

  • - film or glass jar;
  • - pot and wide pallet to it;
  • - spray;
  • - fertilizing for houseplants;
  • - humus, sand, earth mix.


1. The myrtle is made multiple copies shanks in warm season. Branches 7 - 10 cm long place in damp and friable substrate or sand, cover with glass jar or film and put to the light, but not solar place. "Shelter" is removed sometimes, airing the soil in order to avoid its souring.

2. Bright light with small amount of direct sunshine is important for saplings. At the same time in the middle of the day the plant should be closed from the hot sun. The best place for pot with myrtle – the windows in the living room coming to the East or the South. It is important that in the winter indoor temperature did not fall lower than six degrees. In the summer the plant should be taken out on balcony.

3. Soil mix from equal parts of humus, the cespitose and sheet earth and sand is necessary for tree. The myrtle is regularly watered with water which before it settled within a day or more. Constant humidity of earth lump - the important condition is correct development of tree, and when drying the soil the plant can die. Besides, the myrtle should be sprayed often because he loves humid air. To provide high air humidity, it is possible to keep pot with myrtle in wide pallet with water. Water in pallet should not stand.

4. Since the beginning of spring and until the end of summer myrtle feed up complex fertilizer for houseplants of times in two weeks. Large trees once during the summer can mix humus with top layer of the earth.

5. Replace myrtle if necessary, - if to tree the pot became small. As the myrtle grows pretty fast (in two months the tree can reach height in 20 cm), young myrtles demand change every year, and replace myrtles is two once more senior or three years. It is desirable to carry out change in the spring.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team