How to hang up lambrequin on curtains

How to hang up lambrequin on curtains

The lambrequin is beautiful drapery, folds lying over the main curtain. It can not only serve as decoration of interior but also and to hide shortcomings of curtain or the curtain. Have thought up them to hide unattractive parts of curtains, such as fastenings. But today they are independent element of interior design.


1. Usually the lambrequin occupies approximately the fourth or fifth part from length of all curtain, but happens less. To hang up it, you will need eaves or level on which it also will keep. The eaves need to be chosen, proceeding from the size and the weight of your lambrequin.

2. Usually try to hang up all elements of decor of window on one design. That is, the eaves have to consist of several levels that all curtains and lambrequin were located. It is important that each cloth fastened on the level, otherwise you will not be able to open and close curtains, and it is very important.

3. The lambrequin differs on way of fastening from normal curtains which do not hide curtain on which hang. It usually keeps on velcros thanks to which the fabric layer completely closes all levels from eyes. One part of velcro is pasted to load-carrying structure (eaves), and another is sewn to the lambrequin. Choose wide and strong velcro that it has sustained the mass of fabric.

4. The eaves for lambrequin have to be rather strong too. If fabric dense and heavy, then plastic or aluminum as material do not approach, they will cave in or will break from its weight. Most likely, you need strong metal eaves or strong wood structure. You can pick up special eaves for lambrequin in shop. Usually they enough massivna to sustain all layers of fabric.

5. The eaves for lambrequin fasten under the ceiling that fabric streamed from the top of wall over window. As in most cases as other two curtains serve tulle and some heavy fabric, the eaves are required threefold.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team