How to improve the hatch and floor in the hall

How to improve the hatch and floor in the hall

The basement or underground in owner-occupied dwelling - thing necessary and useful. On shelves it is possible to store house preparations in it, jam, excess things. Also via the hatch it is convenient to get to socle or has fallen for survey, repair of sewage pipes, water supply system. However the cover often remains is noticeable to people around and members of household, sometimes besides is located in sight, in the most inconvenient place of the hall, kitchen, the room. The problem is solved - it is only necessary to make some efforts to improve the hatch and floor, to disguise manhole tile, laminate, linoleum.

Deliberating how to make floor hatch for subfloor or the basement, caisson, many do not plan convenience of its arrangement in the hall, kitchen at all. And only during finishing work, laying laminate, linoleum, pasting tile, it turns out that cover it is visible, it disturbs, strongly is evident. Then search of ways begins how to close up slots in wooden floor, to disguise the necessary manhole plain materials. And it is necessary to make it accurately to provide easy access to the basement.

Requirements to the hatch

The floor hatch in underground has to conform to the most elementary safety requirements and esthetics. At cover has to be:

  • the beautiful view which is combined with the general design of floor covering of the hall;
  • hermetic closing, reliable, but at the same time not too difficult;
  • the simple lock or latch for protection against children;
  • convenient handle, hook, easy cover;
  • the simple lifting gear regulating rise and lowering of the hatch;
  • compliance of the sizes with floor opening;
  • durability of the materials maintaining the weight of adults and repeated passing on surface.

The tightness is necessary not to allow hit to the hall of dampness, condensate from the basement, growth of mold, fungus.

Ways of fastening and decor

Any hatch for floor, whether it be the wooden sawn-through rectangle with ring or mechanical, automatic lifting gear, it is possible to close beautifully different materials, to make almost imperceptible. The manhole design is almost always under construction according to the simple scheme when the mobile (removed) part leans on frame of the cut basis. Best of all panel board laminate and floor tile copes with masking of cover in floor. 

Here several examples with photo as it is necessary to attach loops and to spread floor covering that there was no slot left, gaps and strongly acting handles.

  • The underground cover in the house with wooden floors can be suspended to the cut frame by means of normal loops, the handle is utaplivat at the same time in wooden cover that did not act over surface. For covering most often use linoleum or laminate, attaching it at the edges special levels.
  • The hatch it is possible to fix by means of undercover rotary canopies, and to open - the applied separate key. It is possible to decorate surface in this case floor tile or laminate panel board with suitable degree of moisture resistance. If material is adjusted ideally, nobody will even notice subfloor, any handles and loops it will be visible not. In this case fix lifting gear with stoppers to fix the hatch in the necessary situation when opening.
  • Also for raising often use special loop, metal key or the button, such hatches are called invisible, work thanks to automatic lifting gears. It is good to decorate them floor tile, completely hiding from public eyes.Selecting materials for masking of subfloor in the hall, corridor or kitchen, it is necessary to approach questions of warming, water resistance and protection against fungus competently. It is necessary to think over ventilation system in underground, to buy all elements for nailing together of cover or the ready mechanism with the elevator and fixer.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team