How to issue the room for the boy

How to issue the room for the boy

Boys in the majority – "people" active, mobile and inventive. They do not like to sit in one place at all. Often it is just impossible to persuade to spend them at least day at home, and especially in the room. Therefore parents of the little mischievous person need to try strongly to make the room of the son original and interesting first of all for him.


1. At registration of the nursery adhere to certain color gamma. If your son very active and mobile, give preference to quiet tones: blue, light green, pale yellow. If the boy is passive and sluggish, add to registration of its room of bright paints.

2. The children's room has to be light and spacious. Therefore do not fill it with objects, unnecessary in terms of the child. Let in it there will be only all most necessary: bed, cabinet for storage of things, desk and chair, small sofa or chair.

3. Choose the safest furniture for the room of the son. It should have no sharp angles and glass parts. Avoid availability of drawers, enough dangerous to gentle children's fingers.

4. Slippery linoleum and laminate in the room of the boy can become the reason of the injured knees, bruises and grazes. Therefore as floor covering choose carpet with short pile. So you will reduce the probability of traumatizing the kid during the active games.

5. Making out the nursery, surely consider interests and hobbies of the son. If the boy loves sport, the Swedish wall or punching bag will become excellent addition to interior of its room. If is fond of drawing, allocate for its hobby separate corner near window in which all will be located the most necessary for creativity.

6. Allow to choose style in which the nursery will be issued to her owner. Issue the room of the boy loving campaigns and travel in the form of the real tent town. Decorate walls photowall-paper with the image of mountains, rivers, lakes and forests. The bed can be executed in the form of the boat, and chairs in the form of stumps. You can complement interior of the room of the young traveler with also small tent or marching lodge, the wall card, compass, small lamp and backpack.

7. In the room of future racer put bed in the form of the machine. Decorate walls with posters or photowall-paper with the image of the most various cars. Curtains at windows can also have the drawing close to the chosen subject.

8. Actually, that for registration of the room for the boy great variety: piracy, automobile, sea, football, aviation, military. Everything, than your son is fond, you can express in interior of its room.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team