How to lay plates on the base

How to lay plates on the base

When laying plates on the base the special lifting equipment is used. All joints between plates are closed up right after their mounting. Sometimes warming is required by polyfoam.


1. Before stacking reinforced concrete slabs on the base, it is necessary to check surface evenness by means of laser level or normal construction level. If necessary correct all defects connected with this parameter, and you pass directly to apportion of plates. Depending on features of the project the opiraniye of reinforced concrete slabs on the base by the smooth party down, and raw upward is carried out. You watch that plates kept within on the minimum distance to each other.

2. It is known that all plates possess standard dimension and can happen so that it will not be possible to block all area integer of plates. Therefore put the first and extreme plates with opiraniye only on two parties, receding from the third wall on distance up to 25 cm. All formed emptiness are closed up further by solution from cement or concrete mix from crushed stone. Involve the lifting equipment to performance of mounting – it will help to reduce number of reinstallations and to reduce costs of rent. Also the team of workers from 3-4 people is required. One will fix slings on plates, and the others to stack them on the base and to level.

3. It is better to stack plates on the base processed by cement slurry. At the same time apply layer of solution about 20 cm thick on abutments, considering that in its thickness armature with a diameter of 10-12 mm will be laid. Thus it is possible to reach one level of plates on joints and to prevent full extrusion of solution from joint. Important! All emptiness which are available in plates need to be closed up previously heater and cement slurry.

4. Finally it is possible to adjust the provision of floor slabs by means of scrap. Carry out this operation right after laying. If there is desire, then it is possible to carry out anchoring of reinforced concrete slabs to the base – it will allow plates not to walk across. It is also possible to connect plates among themselves by means of armature, having provided to design additional stability.

5. It is possible to get rid of facets and the remained gaps by means of normal brick. If you have no opportunity to put plates the whole brick, you can use polyfoam. As it has been already told, seams of considerable width can be filled also with concrete mix from crushed stone of crushed fines. Sometimes under joint it is required to attach board from within: use for this purpose wire, tying up it to the armature rod laid across seam. Close up seams right after mounting of plates, otherwise they will be killed with construction waste which can worsen isolation of joints.

6. If you want to receive the most durable and reliable overlapping, lay out all perimeter brick, warm it polyfoam, and from above cover with armoring lattice and repeatedly put layer of cement slurry. Everything, the base from floor slabs is ready.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team