How to assemble the fridge

How to assemble the fridge

Repair of household refrigerator – business difficult and responsible. Usually for repair and possible replacement of separate nodes of this household appliance it is required to sort it. When dismantling the device it is necessary to observe accuracy, but it is even more important correct to observe assembly sequence of the fridge. The mounting procedure can differ a little depending on specific model, but the basic principles of assembly remain invariable.

  • - set of wrenches;
  • - screw-driver;
  • - flat-nose pliers.

1. Provide free access to the fridge. It is for this purpose recommended to nominate him in the center of the room or to remove at least from wall. Prepare all tools and the application guide of the refrigerating device, necessary for mounting.

2. If dismantling of the fridge was made for replacement of the refrigerating unit, establish it on the place. Then put partition in refrigeration chamber, carefully holding the low-temperature evaporator. Combine the evaporator with the hatch of back wall and enter into refrigeration chamber. That at the same time did not stir the compressor, raise it on height of the pins fixing the motor to the basis a little.

3. Fasten to back wall of cabinet screws the condenser. Establish attachment nuts of the condenser and the motor compressor on the places. Put into place flanges and install between them the thermal insulation block. For convenience of mounting take away the condenser from cabinet to twirl screws which fix external and internal flanges.

4. Insert into place freezing chamber evaporator frame. Screws attach porozhek with the heater to partition of internal cabinet. Connect contacts of the heater which is responsible for defrosting to electrical circuit of the fridge.

5. By means of nuts attach the evaporator to refrigeration chamber, having turned in it so that it has accepted operating position. Put into place guard of the heater intended for defrosting of the evaporator of refrigeration chamber. Twirl the screws holding camera latch.

6. Establish tray for collecting melt water and attach it screws. Put into place guides of internal wall of refrigerating cabinet. Attach wires to contacts of casing of the compressor. Establish temperature regulator. After that put into place fridge door. Assembly is complete. Install the fridge on the former place and connect to current network to make sure of serviceability of the device.

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