How to look after for scarlet

How to look after for scarlet

The aloe is widespread and unpretentious plant which flower growers on own windowsill prefer to grow up. The aloe is famous for the useful antiseptic properties which are applied in cosmetology and traditional medicine. Grow up this house doctor at home, having taken valuable advice and recommendations.

Basic care and reproduction

Houseplants require to themselves special attention, but only not aloe. This flower perfectly transfers temperature variation, perfectly feels in house conditions. It is possible to take out pot in warm season on open air: balcony, terrace, garden. The plant well transfers direct sunshine, at lack of light the leaves become thin and pale. Optimum temperature for cultivation of aloe: in the summer – 22-26os, in the winter – up to 10 wasps.

The aloe does not impose special requirements to waterings, one-two times a week are enough to do of it. It is the for this purpose best of all to use clear otstoyanny water of room temperature. You watch when watering that water did not get on the surface of sockets and that the soil not pereuvlazhnyalas. Otherwise it can lead to rotting of roots. The aloe does not need sprayings, rather periodically to wipe leaves with damp rag or sponge from dust and dirt. In nature the aloe blossoms annually, buds are located on long peduncle which are formed on the ends of escapes. In house conditions this plant blossoms extremely seldom.

It is the best of all to plan reproduction of plant in the spring when the aloe better takes roots. Carry out change by means of shanks which after cutting need to be placed in water or damp peat mix on couple of centimeters. It is necessary to water the shanks landed in soil not often. It is possible to make multiple copies aloe seeds which place in the soil mix processed by abrupt boiled water at the beginning of spring. It is recommended to feed up aloe in the spring and in the summer every two weeks. Use for this purpose the complex mineral fertilizers suitable for this plant species.

Change of aloe

Young plants should be replaced once a year, the aloe is aged more senior than three years enough to replace time in two-three years. This procedure demands observance of some conditions. It is desirable to use ceramic or clay pot for change of aloe (but also plastic will approach). The soil has to consist of two parts of the cespitose earth, one part of humus, one part of the sifted coarse-grained sand, one part of the sheet earth. For friability it is possible to add beaten brick, for disinfecting of the soil – wood charcoal. Lay haydite layer on bottom of pot. Replace aloe by transfer in pot of slightly large diameter.

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