How to make compartment

How to make compartment

The sliding wardrobe enjoys mass popularity thanks to the unique qualities long ago – it significantly saves the place in your house thanks to the compactness and vstroyennost, it is universal and can serve as the place for storage anything – from household appliances and tools to clothes and footwear. The sliding wardrobe ordered in specialized firm is quite expensive, but its design is not too difficult. In this article we will consider order of production of small sliding wardrobe own hands.


1. Spare parts and accessories for sliding wardrobes is on sale in specialized shops. You will be able to buy materials for covering (laminated fibreboard, the MDF panel or furniture boards) in any construction supermarket.

2. For a start think over where there will be cabinet and what it will have structure and configuration. Only after that begin to measure the chosen site of wall. According to the size of wall define how many sliding doors have to be in cabinet – one, two, three or four.

3. Prepare materials and cut from them the fret saw door cloths of cabinet. On bottom sides of doors fix aluminum shapes and mark them, having receded from bottom of 5 cm.

4. Then fix the lower profile by screws with hexagon, and after that fix the top aluminum shape and establish in it special rollers. Fix rollers by six-sided screws.

5. After that on the lower profiles strengthen the lower rollers and also fix them by screws, having tightened them so that screws completely entered profile. Degree of inhaling of screws of the lower rollers regulates the provision of door concerning cabinet. On side edges of doors establish rubber sealants.

6. Now screw the directing profile to which the top profiles with rollers will fasten on ceiling.

7. Deliver to door vertically and establish at first the top rollers in guide, and then the lower rollers in the lower directing profile. Only after the door with the lower guides profile is modified in space, attach the lower profile to floor.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team