How to make dry stream

How to make dry stream

Dry stream – fashionable element of landscaping. He is capable to decorate the garden executed in any style. To equip this element is cheaper, than the real stream with water, besides, it does not constitute danger to small children, does not provoke reproduction of mosquitoes on the site, at the same time can look very beautifully. But for this purpose it is important to construct it taking into account all necessary nuances.


1. If you have decided that in your garden the dry stream by all means has to appear, for a start decide on its form, it is important. Consider that if the site small, is better to equipthan narrow streamlet with bends, such visually deepens space. It is better to plan stream width in different places different, it looks more original. To understand what form is more preferable, it is possible to fill on the earth sand – as your stream will "proceed". At once it will become visible how any given contour will look in the existing landscape and to correct form in case of need.

2. For dry stream it is necessary to pick up stones. Find big vaouna, small pebble, pebbles of various form, size and coloring – what is pleasant to you. If you stock up with slate or basalt, receive gray-blue color, granite will paint your course in henna-red tone, by means of limestone and marble it is possible to receive light shades. Some use glass granules that they created water illusion, paint stones with special varnish that they looked as wet.

3. When all materials are ready, it is possible to start the main part of work. Dig out the course on in advance planned contour. Cover it black geotextiles or lutrasily. It becomes that weeds did not grow in stream and gravel did not go to the soil. Now it is possible to spread stones. Usually at the edges put what is larger, and is closer to the center – small. Be guided by the taste and imagination, add sand and marble crumb. But do not forget that in general the dry stream has to look laconically.

4. In principle, the stream is ready. But it will not be equipped finally until you put on coast of plant. Usually for these purposes are used thyme, threshed, wormwood, picturesque bushes of barberry, hand bell and irises. But here everything depends on your addictions and your sense of beauty. Try not to overload only stream with plantings, then it will decorate garden and to please you with the beauty.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team