How to make folding chair

How to make folding chair

You can independently make very simple and convenient folding chair in house workshop. Designs of chairs is known much, each of them has the merits and demerits. The offered option reminds easel cracker with the rising seat.

It is required to you

  • Wooden bars, metal corners, self-tapping screws, wood saw, screw driver, abrasive paper, varnish


1. Production and assembly of folding chair includes marking and sawing off of wooden and plywood blanks and their connection by means of self-tapping screws. Final finishing assumes cleaning of surface of dust, drawing on product of varnish covering and drying.

2. The basis of design is formed by two frames from bars connected among themselves in upper part by means of loops that it allows design to develop. Both frames in folded form adjoin to each other.

3. The chair is brought to operating condition by lifting of seat, drawing apart frames and lowering of seat on heads of self-tapping screws in gleam of front frame. The seat keeps and fixed because heads of self-tapping screws are pressed in lower face of seat. For reduction of chair in collected state the seat should be raised for front edge, to shift frames together and to lower seat.

4. In the put state the chair is similar to the flat package taking very few place. You can lean it against wall, remove under bed, push in aperture between cabinet and wall.

5. Take bars 1000 mm and 400 mm long and connect them by means of corners and self-tapping screws that as a result it has turned out frames. In upper part of frame connect furniture loops. The near frame is considered lobby, distant – back.

6. In the area of the lower edge of seat attach self-tapping screws metal corners that their ears acted down, and openings have been turned outside towards side edges.

7. Attach seat in gleam of back frame at the height of 510 mm from floor. For fastening besides use metal corners and self-tapping screws. On front frame (in internal gleam) at the height of 520 mm from floor screw self-tapping screws, without wrapping them completely deep into wood approximately on 7 mm. On these speakers of head of self-tapping screws the seat of folding chair will lean. The chair is prepared for use. It was necessary to process it abrasive paper, to varnish and dry up.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team