How to make green hedge of roses

How to make green hedge of roses

During blossoming the pletisty roses form charming picturesque daisies, being given by cascades from balconies, walls or lanes. The great tradition which has arisen in extreme antiquity to use pletisty roses as the design element is also relevant and honored today.

Many experienced flower growers recommend to carry out landing of kornesobstvenny pletisty roses in the fall, in the middle of September. Before leaving in wintering of plant manage to form young backs which quite well transfer winter. With approach of spring of rose of autumn landing at the same time develop root system and form strong escapes with leaves, beginning the blossoming period together with roses of landings of last years. At spring landing of pletisty roses their blossoming usually begins for 2-3 weeks later.

Planning the site under green hedge from roses it is desirable to provide its availability from internal and outer side. It is good not only in terms of esthetics, but also it is convenient in respect of preparation of plants for wintering: it that will be more successful, than better you will be able to cover lashes of roses, and than more air is formed under the shelter.

Preparing the place for disembarkation, it is necessary to dig over soil thoroughly. For cultivation of plants of high decorative effect the soil has to be fertile, filled with humus or humus. Together with humus to the soil, phosphoric fertilizers are introduced.

Good water permeability of soil is of great importance for the successful growth and development of roses. The excess of moisture should not be, otherwise roots can die from lack of oxygen. Therefore it is desirable that the chosen site for green hedge had the small bias promoting water drain. If there is no bias, it is recommended to raise artificial flat earth mound. Roots of pletisty roses leave deep into soil more than on 2 m therefore at soil cultivation for landing it is desirable to dig over soil not less than on 1 m. When landing roses for green hedge the distance between bushes is left by no more than 50 cm. Cut off all shattered or broken roots, cuts powder with wood charcoal. Roots dip into the talker prepared from clay and water where add solution of fosforobakterin (3 tablets on 0.5 l of water) and 1 tablet of heteroauxin. Depth of landing hole is prepared by the size of roots which have to be placed freely in it. The root neck is buried at 10 cm well to protect it from cold in the winter and to give the chance to plant to form additional active roots on the buried part. Saplings are covered with earth, trying not to allow formation of emptiness, soil is condensed and watered. Pletisty roses need strong support. Therefore the green hedge lands along grid, it is better metal. In process of growth of lash become attached to it.

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