How to make greenhouse

How to make greenhouse

Greenhouses - one of views of the garden pavilions intended for cultivation of thermophilic plants. Lately their construction becomes more and more popular. How to make greenhouse on the country site?


1. The base for oranzhereikonstruktion of greenhouse does not demand strong concrete foundation - to make quite enough dot, having arranged it under the bearing support. However, having given preference to continuous footing from stone or concrete, you will be able to save energy when heating the room of greenhouse during the cold period. In addition it is possible to warm the base by means of polyfoam.

2. The framework of greenhouse has to be rather strong to keep material of external covering and not to be deformed from strong wind or thick snow cover. As a rule, for production of framework use aluminum or galvanized steel.

3. Perhaps, the most important point at construction of greenhouse is the choice of transparent material for external covering. The durability of design and also expenses on heating will depend on quality of this material. For covering of garden greenhouses it is recommended to use one of types of plastic - polycarbonate, fibreglass or polyethylene film. These materials possess high coefficient of light scattering and also good heat-insulating properties. Glass is heavier material therefore it is used, as a rule, for more capital designs - for example, the winter garden attached to the house. For protection of plants against overheating the design has to provide the opening windows. And, their area has to be not less than 10% of the area of all external covering.

4. For heating of greenhouse during the winter period it is possible to use gas, electric or petrol boilers. Each of types of boilers has the shortcomings and advantages. When choosing specific model of the heating equipment it is necessary to be guided by conditions of its operation.

5. At construction of the greenhouses having the big area it is recommended to install the automated irrigation systems.

6. When laying floor covering it is necessary to provide removal of moisture out of greenhouse limits. If the floor covering is not provided, use brick, stone or gravel for arrangement of paths.

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